Brad Pitt is an abuser’ begins trending on Twitter after his Golden Globes appearance

Brad Pit


Brad Pitt’s reputation took a massive hit after the scandalous accusations from ex-wife Angelina Jolie came to light. Since that moment, the actor has had to deal with constant harassment on social media and other spaces.



Brad Pitt Is An Abuser' Trends On Social Media After His Golden Globe Appearance, Angelina Jolie Fans Lash Out, One Says
But Brad Pitt doesn’t seem to mind the bad publicity, he was spotted at the gala this past week sitting next to ‘Babylon’ co-star Margot Robbie. Brad was seen smiling and not worried about a thing in life, many of his fans swooned over the movie star’s looks.



In some cases, they can’t believe he is already in his ’50s and looking younger than ever. However, there is an important part of Twitter users who don’t like Brad Pitt onebit and will do anything to discredit him.



Angelina Jolie Abuse Claims Against Brad Pitt
The accusations and lawsuit presented against him by Angelina Jolie details a serious domestic abuse episode against the actress and their son Maddox. For that incident, the phrase ‘Brad Pitt is an abuser’ went viral and it became one of the most talked about subjects of the week. The shocking details of Jolie’s accusations are troubling for anybody who read the account.



Despite this bad press, Brad Pitt still made an appearance on Thursday’s UK ‘Babylon’ premiere. He is currently promoting the Damien Chazelle film that is also nominated for many awards during the season.



Pitt still hasn’t publicly spoken about any of these accusations made by Angelina Jolie. Only his representatives have talked about the ongoing battle between the former couple that has their children right in the middle.



Pitt has been spotted dating a numer of celebrities but he only recently appeared to get more serious with Ines de Ramon. Amid all this bad press and bad rep on social media, there still hasn’t been any response from Angelina Jolie either.

All we have are those troubling court documents where she details Pitt’s abuse on her and their son, Maddox. As everything is progressing right now, it all points to an inevitable legal battle that will make Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard look like a walk in the park.



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