Brittany Mahomes’ choice of attire at the NBA playoff game has a distinct lack of refinement, reminiscent of adolescent fashion choices…  

Brittany Mahomes' NBA playoff outfit has drawn criticism from the public due to its apparent lack of sophistication and resemblance to teenage fashion choices.

Brittany Mahomes has gone through quite the style transformation over the years. Unfortunately, Brittany’s appreciation for bold looks hasn’t always been appreciated by the viewing public. While fashion is certainly subjective, the wife of Patrick Mahomes has been caught rocking some inappropriate looks, according to her very opinionated fanbase.

Take, for example, Brittany Mahomes’ outfit for the Miami Grand Prix on May 5, 2024 where she donned a pink and blue checkered two piece look that made her stand out in an unfortunate light. Just three weeks later, the mom-of-two seemingly topped her previous effort by sporting another super unflattering fit.

On May 26, Brittany attended the NBA playoffs in a look that may have been better suited for a high school student. Brittany opted for a white vest-like top and jeans covered with large floral appliques, which she wore with a pair of classic black and white Converse. Brittany finished the look by curling her blonde hair into loose, beachy waves that also she styled into a super casual half-up, half-down look, topped off with a high ponytail. Overall, there’s nothing inherently wrong with Brittany’s whimsical look, but it seems a little too Gen-Z.

Brittany Mahomes’ outfit wasn’t the only low point of the NBA Playoffs, which saw the Minnesota Timberwolves match up against the Dallas Mavericks. Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ close friend, and fellow Kansas City Chiefs star, Travis Kelce accompanied them to the game and received a sour welcome from the crowd, according to People. As cameras cast Kelce’s image up onto the jumbotron, the audience descended into a round of boos for the football star. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice until the last second. Interestingly enough, Brittany and Patrick received a much warmer reception.

Kelce’s reputation has taken a hit since he spoke up in defense of his teammate, Harrison Butker, who discouraged female college graduates from pursuing their career in favor of marrying and starting families. “When it comes down to his views and what he said at the Saint Benedict’s commencement speech, you know, those are his,” Kelce shared on his “New Heights” podcast (via ABC News). “I can’t say I agree with the majority of it or just about any of it outside of just him loving his family and his kids, and I don’t think that I should judge him by his views, especially his religious views, of how to go about life. That’s just not who I am.”