Coco Gauff makes history to play first game in Australia tomorrow

The USTA’s homage to The Wild Thornberrys didn’t exactly go over well.


In a since-deleted post on social media, the organization shared a photo depicting the seeded Americans ahead of the Australian Open. The players were drawn in the style of the animation from the old Nickelodeon cartoon.


Coco Gauff didn’t hold back and called it the “worst thing I’ve ever seen”:


Y’all I know it is a cartoon show but I think I would prefer to be drawn as a Bratz art style and not this,” she also said in a since-deleted post on X, formerly known as Twitter, per


Jessica Pegula weighed in as well and said the players were “ugly af,” with Ben Shelton having a similar reaction:


Beyond the series’ unique animation, it’s worth noting The Wild Thornberrys stopped airing in 2004, the same year Gauff was born. Shelton hadn’t even celebrated his second birthday yet.


Referencing a piece of pop culture that’s 20-plus years old isn’t always guaranteed to miss the mark, but calling back to The Wild Thornberrys might’ve been a bit too niche.