Cry! Fans reply Patrick Mahomes after Bengals Upset

Patrick Mahomes

The Cincinnati Bengals upset the Kansas City Chiefs weeks ago. During the game, members of Patrick Mahomes’ family took issue with the officiating crew. Both Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, and mother, Randi, called out the Bengals and the referees for some controversial calls.

Mahomes’ wife, Brittany wrote on Twitter, “I mean at this point it’s just a joke. We can never catch a break,” His mom, Randi, also took issue with the Bengals and the referees as she tweeted “Come on now,” in response to this play by the Bengals.

The comments didn’t go down well with some NFL fans. One fan replied, “Third least penalized team in the NFL can’t catch a break. Cry,” Another fan added, “That’s what happens when you’re # 1 in the afc babe. Oh well. Bring it,”

It’s not uncommon for fans to speak out about the referees during games, but when it’s the family of the league’s best quarterback, it’s going to draw attention.

There may be need for Mahomes’ family to exercise more restraints.


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