Ex-Australian star: It’s scary to play Serena Williams, especially on grass

Serena-Williams-Reaches-Wimbledon.jpg June 18, 2022

Former Australian tennis star Nicole Pratt feels Serena Williams wins up to 80 percent of her matches psychologically as she has built a strong reputation and players fear her. Williams, 40, is set to compete at Wimbledon.

Williams hasn’t played since retiring injured her first round match at Wimbledon last year. Williams is 40 and hasn’t played in a year, but Pratt feels the day off between matches could be they key for Williams’ success at The Championships.

“I think it’s possible to play at a very high level, at the age that she is, for a match. Where the issue lies is your recovery. That’s what starts to decrease over time,” Pratt told the Australian Open website.

“But that’s the beauty of the Grand Slams: there’s a day off between matches, weather permitting. (it) allows her that extra recovery time that she needs. Recovery will be an issue, in my opinion. If she has a long match, and let’s say it rains, and she’s got to back up the day after. That is going to be tough, at that age, no question.”
Pratt: Opponents are scared of Williams

Williams is one of the most dominant players in tennis history, but her level of dominance gets to even bigger level when she plays on grass.

“I think she wins 70, 80 per cent of her matches psychologically,” Pratt said. “The champion she is, she’s built that reputation, and it’s scary to play Serena Williams. And it’s even scarier to play Serena on grass.

With the serve, with the return, and the plus-ones, she can be in complete control and you don’t have a say in the point. Which mitigates the need for (optimal) physicality.” The truth is that Williams hasn’t played in a very long time, but still many feel that such a great champion can never be underestimated.


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