Falz’s song “This is Nigeria; everybody be criminal”  has placed a constant reminder that the security guard business in Nigeria is a booming one.

The constant threats from several angle in the country goes a long way to show that anyone who goes ahead to start a security guard business in Nigeria is surely going to make more money than never before.

To be frank with you, this security guard business is like a hidden goldmine that most people don’t know of. Let’s do a little calculation;

* If you think about the number of people becoming rich in Nigeria
* The number of establishments springing up
* The number of one-man businesses all over the place

You would be looking at millions of them in Nigeria. The current estimate shows that we are about 190 Million in this country and the figure is expected to triple up within the next 3 years.

This is a huge market that hasn’t yet reached its highest position and there is so much to gain from this business.

I am basically going to show you how you can start your own security guard business in Nigeria; the requirements, materials, and human resources that you need to achieve it.


It would not be wise venturing into any business you have no knowledge about. There are certain certifications and training that offers you the ability to know more about the security guide business in Nigeria.

The basic aim of this certification and training is to equip you with the right knowledge that you will transfer to the human resources that will perform the job on the field.

If you don’t have the certification in safety, you might encounter difficulties. The security training would expose you to strategies on self-defense, baton handling, and how to handle clients.

If you have a military background, it would also help you have an edge in the business. The importance of security certification and training is highly imperative as to how your business will eventually turn out to be.

Registering your business name is basically the second step to starting a security guard business in Nigeria.

The name would be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC Nigeria).

It is also required that you also register the business with the NSCDC (Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps).

The NSCDC is tasked with the responsibility of controlling and regulating security issues among civilians, alongside private security firms in Nigeria.

I doubt if you will be required to carry arms since you aren’t provisioned for that.


Since you won’t run this security guard business as a one man business, you would be task with the responsibility of employing the human resources that will work with you.

There are so many resources you would need to set up this business and they include;

–          Administrative Staff
They are the ones that will be tasked with ensuring the smooth operation of the business. They are the live wire of your business, so you would ensure real diligence during selection. The administrative staff should include the HR/Admin Officer, Receptionist, and Accounts Officer. These are the guys you would need their services for a start – before you expand further.

–          Good Office Location
When you eventually start sending out business proposals to companies and organization that might require your services, you would need a physical address that serves as a confirmation. When you have a physical address, it goes a long way to show credibility on your own part. Most firms and companies who would need your services would want a physical address they an reach out to should in case something goes wrong.

–          Security Staff
These are the people that will use their manpower to generate revenue for your organization. They are the ones you will dispatch to several organizations and get paid in return. It is very crucial you hire the best hands because they will be the ones representing your company outside.

Here are a few tips for you when you decide to hire the security staff;

1. Employ agile, matured, looking boys and girls
2. Take up people who are quite educated at the least
3. People who are physically fit
4.  Analytical and critical in thinking
5. Good communication
6. Ability to write simple English

It isn’t bad hiring just anyone, but you would need to hire people who have the quality to deliver when sent out on assignments.


The business insurance covers everyone in your organization. This is a very sensitive business, so everyone working under you would surely need an insurance protection.

The outfield staff would also need a comprehensive insurance to protect them and their families.

You can find a list of insurance companies in Nigeria that offer this type of insurance; it would help you decide which of them you should go for.



Unless you have a long list of business associates and friends who are already willing to do business with you, marketers are the ones that will help you achieve your revenue goals.

You don’t have much to do in this regard as the CEO of the business; that is why you employed a HR.

The HR will be the one to interview and recruit the marketers and also set out their pay structure in line with company’s salary scale.

Your marketers would be tasked with the following assignments;
* Generating leads
* Submitting proposals
* Establishing relationship with the prospects
* Going for presentations
* Closing deals


If you have personal contacts that are doing well with other companies, you can reach out to them to help you push your business. Your personal contacts will also help you refer you to other people who might need your security services.


This is the primary way to gain clients; there is no way you can’t do without advertising your business.

You can use the conventional offline methods like radios, flyers, banners, and stickers. You can also decide to go through the modern way of advertising via online marketing.

Whichever method you intend to use; you should find experts that would help you achieve that.

To start a security business in Nigeria is a huge goldmine if you know the exact steps to take.

Once you are able to start this business and get a few clients, you are surely going to make so much cash from it.

Remember you’d also capital to start the business, but the payout is sincerely handsome.

If you have questions regarding starting a security guard business in Nigeria, do well to use the comment section – I will reply all of them.


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