Jason Kelce best Mac Donald’s items

It’s difficult for a football fan to deny the absolute powerhouse of a combo that is the brothers Jason and Travis Kelce.


These two elite athletes have created a name for themselves that is synonymous with both greatness and comedy, a name which both of them wear with pride and honor while setting an example for everyone around them.

And when someone at the height of their game can handle fame and fortune with the style and grace that the Kelce brothers have, it’s no wonder that they are praised and beloved by thousands of fans around the world.


On January 24, during an episode of the brothers’ New Heights podcast, a show that has been increasingly growing in popularity since its inception, Jason and Travis Kelce sat down together to recap the week over a few hearty laughs.


It didn’t take long before they got into the conversation of food — McDonald’s to be specific — which in turn led to an interesting anecdote from Jason regarding what he will and will not order from the iconic fast-food chain.


While on the topic of his go-to McDonald’s order, which is two sausage, egg and cheese McMuffins and a black coffee (either iced or hot), Jason describes a recent visit to the McDonald’s drive-thru that completely took his taste buds by surprise.


“I get up to the window and they hand me what I think is an iced coffee, and I take a sip of it and it’s the best coffee I’ve had in my life,” Jason exclaims while Travis claps and cheers for his brother. Jason continues, “It takes me a second to realize that this isn’t coffee. This is a pure sugar, high-fructose corn syrup Coca Cola and it was delicious!”


This is the hack,” Jason explains, “if I order a large Coke, I’ll feel like a piece of crap, so I can’t order a large Coke.” He continues, “I gotta get a coffee, something that I can live with myself for purchasing.”


Between laughs, the brothers joke about the hilarity of using an honest mistake to get the guilty pleasure drink you generally deprive yourself of. Jason even went on to describe how he was so happy the rest of his day, attributing it to the surprise Coca Cola he received in place of his iced coffee.


We all know just how important that much needed pick-me-up is during the day, and sometimes it comes with a special little surprise attached for our enjoyment.