Jason Kelce’s true first opinion about Taylor Swift revealed

Philadelphia Eagles player Lane Johnson believes that teammate Jason Kelce is thrilled about his brother Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift. Swift gained Jason’s approval after meeting her at a Kansas City Chiefs game last month.

Jason, a father of three daughters, praised Swift as a role model. Their first meeting at a Buffalo stadium during a Chiefs game became memorable when Jason, in excitement, ripped off his shirt, much to Swift’s surprise.

I guess from what he said [she] is very nice,” Johnson told Page Six.


“A very nice woman and obviously makes Trav happy and I think that’s all he really cares about.”

A good first impression
Despite Jason’s wife disapproving, Swift reportedly enjoyed the moment and left a good impression as Jason revealed.

“My whole thing with that is as long as Trav is happy and enjoying life, I’m happy and enjoying life,” Jason said.

“I’ve been fortunate to meet Taylor now. She’s [an] awesome, down-to-earth, genuine person, which has been great to see, whenever you’re seeing anyone of that caliber of stardom still remain as grounded as they are.”


The Kelce family, including Jason, Kylie, and their parents, are expected to attend the Super Bowl with Swift, though seating arrangements remain uncertain due to the high demand for suites.

Well, you can understand that the boxes in Vegas are multi-million dollars,” Kelce’s mother Donna told Today.

“So, I have a feeling I’m not in a box, I have a feeling I am in the stands. As far as I know I’m in the stands with everybody else because it is a pricey Super Bowl.”