Kim Kardashian responds to Taylor Swift’s controversial lyrics

Reports: Kim Kardashian said she has learned her lessons and regrets everything Taylor Swift went through because of her, and she would like to apologize to her.


A supposed jab at Kim Kardashian in one of Taylor Swift’s latest songs has resulted in Swifties heavily trolling the “bronze, spray-tanned statue” on Instagram.


Kim Kardashian responds to Taylor Swift’s controversial lyrics
Following the highly anticipated release of the pop star’s eleventh studio album The Tortured Poets Department, vigilante Swift fans believe one particular song, thanK you aIMee, is aimed directly at her old faux Kim K.

Before dissecting the lyrics, the song title alone capitalises the letters “K”, “I” and “M” to spell the Kardashian’s name in seemingly a not-so-subtle dig.While one could argue the target of Swift’s “F*** you, Aimee” line and subsequent wordplay might be a reference to a bully from her youth, several passages suggest a greater influence is at play.

The track’s first verse notes a “bronze, spray-tanned statue” which Swift sings “threatens to push me down the stairs at school”.Later, the veiled revelation her career would have panned out differently without such torment pointed fans in the direction of a seminal moment in the popstar’s journey.

“I wrote a thousand songs that you find uncool,

I built a legacy that you can’t undo,But when I count the scars, there’s a moment of truth,That there wouldn’t be this if there hadn’t been you”.

A well-publicised feud was sparked by Kim’s ex Kanye West in 2009 when the rapper stormed the Video Music Awards stage to argue his friend Beyoncé was more deserving of the award that year with her smash hit Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).