NFL star Travis Kelce could potentially star in Hollywood movie, Chiefs TE’s managers reflect on his rise with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce had a memorable 2023 for several reasons. Aside from winning his second Super Bowl title in four seasons, he has appeared in more commercials and hosted Saturday Night Live. His New Heights podcast with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, has become a hit program.


The biggest news came when he finally admitted to dating pop singer Taylor Swift in a Wall Street Journal feature. However, Kelce’s team isn’t done making him a celebrity beyond football, especially after the welcome surprise of Swift and Kelce’s romance. This time, they have set their sights on Hollywood.


Travis Kelce to appear in a movie? It’s in the works
The New York Times’ Zach Schonbrun wrote that after Kelce hosted S.N.L., Aaron and Andre Eanes started connecting with agencies with stronger ties with Hollywood. The Eanes brothers, Kelce’s managers since he was at the University of Cincinnati, were aiming to put their client in a movie.Now that he’s dating Taylor Swift, which the Eanes brothers stressed wasn’t planned, pitching Travis Kelce to producers won’t be a hard sell.Creative Artist Agency’s sports media co-head Richard Lovette said that awareness about Kelce is now at the mainstream level.


His easygoing charisma and coachability will make producers want to work with him.Speaking in front of the camera isn’t new for the nine-time Pro Bowl tight end. Aside from the S.N.L. appearance and his commercials, he starred in the 2016 reality dating show Catching Kelce.


How the Eanes brothers signed Travis Kelce
Kelce met Andre Eanes, manager of his investment portfolio, through his college roommate, D.J. Woods. Eanes and Woods are childhood friends, while Kelce got V.I.P. passes from Eanes because of the event management business he ran while attending college.Meanwhile, Aaron Eanes was studying sports management and entrepreneurship at Bowling Green State University when he signed Kelce as a client. He pitched the idea of becoming a manager, as they do in the music industry.


Under the Eanes brothers’ guidance, Kelce appeared in a 2015 feature on Complex magazine. After that, a producer from E! pitched the dating show to them. In 2024, they will target fewer but better deals to avoid oversaturation.Aside from the Eanes, the team helping Travis Kelce succeed on and off football includes personal chef Kumar Ferguson, trainer Alex Skacel, and brand strategist Danielle Salzedo.