Patrick Mahomes Chooses NFL Game Over Grandad’s Birthday as ‘Rested’ QB Flies to SoFi Stadium With His Team

Patrick Mahomes, despite a less-than-stellar season, has managed to clinch a spot for the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs.

As the curtain falls on the regular season, Mahomes is poised to take a breather in the Chiefs’ showdown against the Chargers on Sunday in Los Angeles. Their eighth consecutive AFC West title is securely in hand and is locked in at the No. 3 seed in the playoffs picture.


As the Chiefs’ gridiron journey finally echoes the triumphant tunes of seasons past, Mahomes and his Red Army are gearing up for an all-out assault. For Mahomes, it also means temporarily benching some cherished family time and marking important days on the calendar as “occupied.”


Patrick Mahomes strutted out of the plane in LA, donning a sharp black suit. The Chiefs gave fans a sneak peek of Mahomes’ arrival on their Instagram stories as he made his way to the team bus.

What’s intriguing is that just a few hours prior, Mama Randi Martin shared a heartfelt Instagram video celebrating her dad’s birthday with the caption, “Happy Birthday daddy, I love you!”


But, Mahomes traded in the birthday cake for a pair of cleats, gearing up for an epic showdown against the Bolts. Andy Reid has decided to sit out some of his stars – Mahomes being one of the no-gos against the Bolts.

But again, he is now in LA with his squad The burning question remains – are there still any last-minute surprises? Having clinched the division with last week’s triumph over Cincinnati, the Chiefs find themselves in a secure postseason position.


Coach Andy Reid revealed on Wednesday that Mahomes is due for a well-deserved week of rest. 12-year NFL veteran backup Blaine Gabbert is set to take the starting spot, with second-year pro Chris Oladokun, a practice squad standout all season, poised as the primary backup. However, there are concerns about the Chiefs’ O-line.


Chiefs’ offense has been inconsistent
The Chiefs, boasting a 10-6 record, have been wrestling with offensive consistency throughout the season. A gridiron struggle marked by dropped passes, untimely penalties, and the occasional missed assignment.


Despite these challenges, a triumph emerged in a hard-fought 25-17 victory over the Bengals. Even with drives fizzling out and Harrison Butker turning into a field goal maestro with six kicks. Coach Reid stood firm, opting not to hand Mahomes any snaps to maintain the hard-earned momentum.


Patrick Mahomes is now pivoting most of his focus towards dissecting the strengths and weaknesses of the five potential opponents that could cross paths with Kansas City in the upcoming week. Meanwhile, on the practice field, a quarterback dance unfolds as Gabbert and Oladokun share the spotlight.

They are splitting reps to fine-tune their skills before the Chiefs embark on their journey to Los Angeles. It’s a strategic chess match, and in the realm of NFL theatrics, every move matters.