Patrick Mahomes’ mentorship propels Trey Lance’s progress in NFL journey

Patrick Mahomes' mentorship propels Trey Lance's progress in NFL journey

The NFL’s offseason is often a time of intense training and preparation for young quarterbacks, and Trey Lance’s journey has been no exception. The former San Francisco 49ers rookie, who now finds himself with the Dallas Cowboys, received a significant boost in his development courtesy of some invaluable guidance from none other than the sensational Patrick Mahomes.

During the spring, Lance had the privilege of working closely with Mahomes, who stands as a two-time Super Bowl MVP and is currently hailed as the NFL’s top player according to the coveted Top 100 list. The training sessions took place in Dallas, adding an extra layer of significance as both quarterbacks honed their skills under the watchful eye of their shared quarterbacks coach, Jeff Christensen.

The focal point of their collaboration was Lance’s mechanics, which underwent scrutiny after he dealt with a finger injury on his throwing hand during his rookie season. Christensen, the guiding force behind their training, set out to tackle this issue head-on.

Observing Mahomes in action provided a pivotal learning experience for Lance. Christensen recounted how he urged Lance to observe Mahomes’ throws from the previous season, illustrating the very mechanics he was working to improve. This visual approach resonated deeply with Lance and propelled him past his mental hurdles. The result? Improved accuracy, enhanced spin, quicker delivery, and reduced post-throw discomfort.

The benefits of their brief yet intense training were manifold. According to Christensen, every day marked a “substantial jump” in Lance’s skills. But beyond the technical improvements, Lance gained something immeasurable-the chance to soak up Mahomes’ wisdom and approach to the game. During the 49ers’ OTAs, Lance expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to learn about Mahomes’ work ethic, his off-season routines, and the intricacies of his in-season schedule.

The decision to bring these two quarterbacks together stemmed from more than just their on-field potential. Christensen saw qualities in Lance that reminded him of Mahomes-traits such as competitiveness and demeanor that set the greats apart. The coach noted that Lance was quick to fit in and that Mahomes held him in high regard. A synergy formed, driven by Lance’s genuine desire to excel and his willingness to put in the work.

As reports from San Francisco’s training camp highlight Lance’s remarkable improvements over the past year, the path ahead is clear. While the 49ers’ decision-makers hinted at the team’s “win-now” mindset, acknowledging that Lance still requires further development, it’s evident that his journey has been significantly enriched by his time spent learning from one of the league’s brightest stars. As Lance transitions to his new role with the Cowboys under Dak Prescott’s wing, the lessons learned from Mahomes will undoubtedly shape his ascent in the NFL.


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