Patrick Mahomes set to break record for KC

There’s never quite a true shortage of praise for Patrick Mahomes, as the face of the Kansas City Chiefs is well-established as the best player in the NFL. With that said, those around the team and in the media can occasionally forget just how talented he is.


While current teammates and coaches generally do a solid job sharing their Mahomes stories, former members of the organization or outsiders may have even more interesting tales. Longtime NFL offensive lineman Kyle Long fits into the latter category.


Long, who was a member of the Chiefs during the 2021-22 campaign, recently appeared on the This Is Football podcast with Kevin Clark to discuss his time in Kansas City. The three-time Pro Bowler compared watching Mahomes in practice to working a top-secret operation.


“There were 30 days where I couldn’t wait to get out of the meeting to call my dad,” Long said. “The post-practice meeting. I’d get out of practice and I’d either call my wife or I’d call my dad or I’d call Chris (Long). I’d just laugh and he’d be like, ‘What?’ and it was like I worked at Area 51 and I couldn’t quite talk about it.”


The timing of Long’s applause is ironic; this is the worst Kansas City offense in nearly a decade. Reid and offensive coordinator Matt Nagy’s group ranked 15th in scoring and ninth in yards during the regular season, both franchise-worst marks since 2016 when Alex Smith was still quarterback.

That’s led many to question whether the Chiefs can compete for and win a championship, even with one of the best defenses in the league. Going on the road for the Divisional Round this weekend, the Chiefs opened as underdogs against the Buffalo Bills.