Reports: A former NFL player thinks Patrick Mahomes is a better player than Tom Brady…

Reports: A former NFL player thinks Patrick Mahomes is a better player than Tom Brady...

It is not difficult to find NFL fans in 2024 who rank Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes as two of and possibly THE two greatest quarterbacks in league history.

So what separates the seven-time Super Bowl champion from the winner of three of the last five titles?

Chris Harris Jr. is a Super Bowl champion in his own right as well as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame All-2010s team.

The former cornerback who faced both told Up & Adams that he came into the league with Brady well in his prime, and the Patriots quarterback was the consummate teacher.

“Brady taught me the game on the field… (Mahomes) hits you with those back-breakers,” Harris Jr. said.

Brady taught Harris the fine art of hiding receivers and making the secondary standout play the entire field.

But Mahomes brought his own unique set of challenges, and the further the game developed, the more Harris had to beware of the unexpected.

After lulling the defense to sleep for three quarters, Mahomes would suddenly scramble for a back-breaking 20-yard gain.

And, unlike Brady, the Kansas City superstar is comfortable on the run and throwing outside of the pocket.

“You’ve got him pinned down,” Harris explained, and Mahomes “comes out and always scrambles.”

Brady was the masterful pocket passer and moved his receivers like chess pieces, but Mahomes makes a defender cover their man for an extra 2-3 seconds.

This, Harris said, “just kills you.”

The argument over Brady and Mahomes from a fan’s perspective is hardly settled, but at least one former NFL cornerback decided who he would least like to face throwing the football.

And that was Patrick Mahomes.