Reports: Taylor Swift fans are furious over Travis Kelce’s teammate namedropping her in a misogynistic graduation speech.

News Flash: Kansas City Chiefs Alum Mitch Schwartz's Wife Slams Harrison Butker for Quoting Taylor Swift in Speech.


Taylor Swift fans have turned on a teammate of Travis Kelce after he mentioned the singer in a controversial graduation speech.


Reports: Taylor Swift fans are furious over Travis Kelce's teammate namedropping her in a misogynistic graduation speech.
Taylor Swift fans have gone into overdrive after a controversial speech mentioned the singer… seemingly misunderstanding the star’s message.

Taylor Swift fans, or Swifties as they are widely known, are a pretty active fanbase.

Many stay ready to get straight to social media if the music powerhouse is mentioned, be it for good reasons or bad.

And the latest mention of the superstar has certainly irked many fans.

With Taylor Swift’s latest boyfriend, Travis Kelce, playing in the NFL for the Kansas City Chief, many fans have started to take a bigger interest in football and this is where things take a bit of a turn.

Travis Kelce’s teammate, kicker Harrison Butker, was able to annoy many Swift fans after he made a graduation speech to the Class of 2024 at Benedictine College – a Catholic school in Kansas.

During the speech, Butker even joked he had become known from not speaking his mind and here lies the problem. His speech has been deemed both sexist, homophobic and offensive for his comments about the LGBTQ+ community, women in the workplace and abortion.

In a bizarre turn during his speech, Butker said: “As my teammates girlfriend says, familiarity breeds contempt,” in reference to Swift’s song Bejeweled.

However, on social media, many Swifties were quick to explain that Butker’s views don’t align with Swifts and added that he simply did not understand the song.

“I don’t think you grasped the message of the Taylor Swift song you quoted. Go listen to all her albums as homework,” one user wrote.

“One of the worst parts of this NFL player’s awful speech is that he quoted a Taylor Swift song before telling women they should be homemakers and serve their man’s career,” another added.

“Telling an entire graduating class of women that they wasted the last 4 years of their life and that they should be focused on their husbands and future children is diabolical,” a third wrote.

“Harrison Butker including a Taylor Swift lyric in his gross misogynistic speech and referring to taylor, probably the most famous and successful woman on the planet right now, as ‘my teammate’s girlfriend’… definitely says something,” commented another.

“All the Swifties trying to figure out how to support the Chiefs next season after the toxic/anti women Harrison Butker commencement speech,” joked another.

It is not clear whether Swift herself has heard the speech as she hasn’t spoken about it publicly, but chances are Kelce might catch an earful of what his girlfriend thinks of his teammate’s comments.