Rob Gronkowski Fires back at Robert Kraft’s “Silly” Taylor Swift comments…

Rob Gronkowski Fires back at Robert Kraft’s


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft joked that Taylor Swift should have dated Rob Gronkowski instead of Travis Kelce because he’s “better looking.” In classic Gronkowski form, the four-time Super Bowl champion — who’s been dating Camille Kostek since 2015 — reacted to Kraft’s comments.


Rob Gronkowski Fires back at Robert Kraft’s "Silly" Taylor Swift comments...
Kraft is always being silly,” Gronkowski said during the latest episode of MassLive’s “Eye On Foxborough” podcast. “He’s always being silly. But I’m very happy to be with with my girl, Camille. She’s a sweetheart. She was actually a Patriots cheerleader. We go down in history. but Mr. Kraft always has a job. And he’s always got silly jokes out there too. So that’s just Mr. Kraft for you.”

And I appreciate his comments,” he said. “You know, commenting on my looks, saying I’m very good looking because I will say Travis is a dime piece. He’s a 10 out of 10. So if he says I’m better looking than Travis Kelce, then hey, I’m like a 10.2″

Gronkowski took Kraft’s comments as a pretty high compliment.

There’s been plenty of debate between the tight ends, but due to their performance on the field.

Kraft’s comments were all in good fun, though, as both Kelce and Gronkowski appear happy with their significant others.