Simone Biles fans urge her to divorce Jonathan Owens after his arrogant comments

Fans of Simone Biles are urging the Olympic gymnast to divorce Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens for his arrogant answer when asked about how they met on an online dating app for celebrities.


Owens, 28, and Biles, 26, recently made an appearance on “The Pivot” podcast, during which he admitted to not knowing who she was when they first met. Many pundits and fans called him out as a liar.

The couple met right when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which is when Biles was everywhere due to the Olympic Games in Tokyo getting postponed.


Owens also stated that Biles was the one who chased him because he was not ready for commitment and called himself the “catch.”


Simone Biles won’t divorce Jonathan Owens
While many fans saw Owens’ story as disrespectful, Biles will surely stand by his side, especially because she’s not shy about being the “chaser.”


During the interview, Biles stated that she knows her wants and needs, and is not afraid to do anything to get them.


Still, Owens should have a little bit more awareness about how those comments might make Biles look in the public eye, even if she could care less.