The Kelce brother’s plan a banquet for the family and friends alongside a vacation

The Kelce brothers will address Jason’s wild antics in Buffalo on the upcoming episode of New Heights after Travis hilariously joked ‘we’ve got to talk about it’ in a teaser clip on Tuesday.


Jason stole the show on Sunday when he embarked on a wild day out at the divisional round game between Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.


The Philadelphia Eagles center, making the most of his off-season, was initially filmed downing drinks with Bills fans at the tailgate.


Jason, who is expected to retire, was then pictured meeting Taylor Swift for the first time in their hospitality suite alongside wife Kylie, with their three young daughters watching the game at home.


He was then seen chugging more beers while half-naked – despite the freezing conditions – during the Chiefs’ 27-24 win.


He whipped his shirt off in 20 degree weather after his younger brother scored the first of two touchdowns on the night in Buffalo.


Jason then climbed out through the window of the VIP suite into the crowd and necked a beer before returning to the suite – back through the window.


The 36-year-old also lifted a young Taylor Swift fan into the air so she could meet the pop sensation, who was in Buffalo to watch her boyfriend Travis.


In the teaser for the new episode, which will be released on Wednesday, Travis says: ‘Jason. We gotta talk about it, bud.’

Jason, playing dumb, replies: ‘Talk about what?’


Travis then bursts out laughing before the clip ends.

Reid spoke to media upon his return to Kansas City on Monday as he begins to prepare for Sunday’s Baltimore Ravens showdown and was asked about the antics of Jason, who he used to coach in Philadelphia.


And it turns out that when Reid’s wife of over 30 years, Tammy, saw Jason having the time of his life, she made sure to get a picture with him to remember the moment.


Yeah my wife saw him, she took a picture with him, I saw the pictures – no shirt on, no,’ Reid said.

‘Listen, he’s the best – a great kid, a great father, that’s probably what I’m most proud of him for.


‘He’s got a great wife and kids and everything. He’s done a nice job with that.’

Jason is currently contemplating whether to play on in the NFL after reportedly telling his Eagles teammates he was retiring after they lost in the playoffs to Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


It is not yet known if he will make his way to Baltimore for the next Chiefs game but he might find it hard to stay away.

If the Chiefs win, they will be in the Super Bowl against the winner of San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions.