Travis Kelce Says Chiefs Fans Will Give Tyreek Hill ‘Nothing but Love

Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill makes his long awaited return to Arrowhead on Saturday night when his team faces the Kansas City Chiefs in the wild-card round.


Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was asked how he expects Hill to be received by the loud fanbase at Arrowhead, and he gave his honest take.


“I expect K.C. to give him nothing but love, until he’s putting up a peace sign or something like that. Then he might hear a few boos,” Kelce said.


Kelce went on to explain how the Kansas City community will always appreciate Hill for all the work he did off the field while he was on the Chiefs.


Hill has infamously become known for his elaborate celebrations on the field. He was fined back in October for flashing a peace sign vs. the Giants, and later initiated a roller coaster celebration with some of his teammates in December.


Hill spoke about his former teammate Kelce in his media availability on Thursday—admitting that he texted Kelce ahead of this weekend’s matchup, but he hasn’t heard back from him.