Tyreek Hill recalls getting cussed out by Patrick Mahomes over sloppy streak during Chiefs stint: “He stood on business”

Tyreek Hill knows Patrick Mahomes very well. The Miami Dolphins wide receiver was a teammate of the Kansas City Chiefs star for six seasons and won a Super Bowl together.Tyreek Hill recently


appeared on “The Pivot” podcast, hosted by Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor. When asked to describe what it meant sharing locker room with the three-time Super Bowl champion and the trajectory of Mahomes’ career going towards being the greatest ever, Hill had nothing but heavy praise for his former teammate.


He recalled how his respect for the Chiefs quarterback grew further when Mahomes cussed out all of his supporting cast individually during a sloppy streak.
“I can’t remember what year it was,” Hill remembered. “But we was like on a bad streak. His supporting cast playing bad. Me, [Travis] Kelce,D Rob [Demarcus Robinson], Miko [Mecole Hardman], Sammy [Watkins], we all was plaing bad.


This dude called the whole offense up. This is like on a Tuesday, I believe. He cussed all of us the f–k out.”

“Me and Pat we go back and forth. But that was a moment right there where like, he stood on business,” Hill added. “And it was like, bro, I really respect this m-therf–ker. Because he really just called out all his f–king weapons.” [57:45 onwards]


The Kansas City Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins in 2022. While he has dicussed the Chiefs breakup in the past on how he was undervalued and underpaid in Kansas City,

Hill had a chance to breakdown the decision and the thought process that went behind making the huge leap.On the same podcast, Hill mentioned it was long-term thinking, a family decision and valuing his brand identity before moving to Miami.

“It was a family decision,” Hill said. “It was just one of those, ‘What’s gonna be the better long-term situation for my family, really all of us?’ So we looked at it as far as like, ‘If we go to Miami, it’s gonna be a new community.’ You’re looking into, getting into the whole brand space… Because the brand space in KC has already taken over… Pat, Kelce, they already took that


You got to look at it as an aspect of ‘While you’re playing, and then after you’ve done playing, is there a certain area of space that you would like to take up?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, Miami is perfect,” he added.
Tyreek Hill signed a four-year, $120,000,000 contract with the Miami Dolphins, which made him the highest paid wide receiver in the league.