Why Venus Williams may not be married. Find out in his intrigue story…. she says!!! ” i am un-dateable


An iconic player in the women’s tennis field, Venus Williams is a name one has to mention. Her excellence in the field is prominent because she boasts numerous victories and titles and became the first Afro-American to rank herself at the World’s Number 1 position. Venus Williams’ husband has been the talk of the town and in this article, we reveal details about her marital status, family, net worth and much more.

Fans have been inquiring about the player’s marital status, we are here to deliver. Venus’ first involvement was in 2007 with a golfer, Hank Kuehne, but they called it quits in 2010. Later in 2012, she met a Cuaban model, Elio Pis.
Venus Williams and Elio Pis dated for three years before they went their separate ways. Her recent fling was with Nicholas Hammond, a publishing heir. The two dated for quite some time until 2019, when they separated. As of June 2022, the tennis player is single and focusing on her life. In an Instagram live post with her audience, one of her fans asked about her love life, and she responded, Lots of people are asking me to go on a date. I’m just not. I would say I’m un-dateable. That’s OK, I’m happy.

Love is a beautiful thing, and it takes two to tango. It doesn’t matter when or where it finds you, but if it does, embrace it because it’s one of the greatest commandments. The boyfriend or husband of Venus Williams remains a mystery at the time of writing this leaving millions wondering who she has been seen with.


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