Reports: Kim Kardashian Loses Over 100K Social Media Followers After Taylor Swift Diss…

Reports: Kim Kardashi I'llan Loses Over 100K Social Media Followers After Taylor Swift Diss...


Kim Kardashian once made the mistake of starting a feud with Taylor Swift.
And now, years later, she’s experiencing the wrath of the Swifties.


Reports: Kim Kardashi I'llan Loses Over 100K Social Media Followers After Taylor Swift Diss...
Yes, as you’ve no doubt heard by now, Taylor released her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, last week.

To the surprise of fans, the release turned out to be a double album, with 31 total tracks, including a controversial song titled “thanK you aIMee.”

See the unusual capitalization in the title? Yeah, it seems that Taylor wanted to make sure the whole world would know that the song’s scathing lyrics are targeted at her longtime rival Kim Kardashian. Very early Taylor of her!

That’s when Kim’s then-husband Kanye West took credit for Tay’s career in his song “Famous.”

Kim not only sided with her husband, she also participated in a weird ruse designed to create the false impression that Taylor knew Kanye would call her a “b-tch” in the song and was cool with it.

The song features Taylor lashing out at a hometown bully who’s an obvious stand-in for Kim.

Well, perhaps the imagery wouldn’t have been quite so clear if it weren’t for that title, but as it is, there’s no doubt Taylor is settling a score with an equally famous woman who once pretended to be her friend, only to betray her publicly

Everyone knows that my mother is a saintly woman / But she used to say she wished that you were dead,” Taylor sings at one point.

Swifties got the message loud and clear, and according to a new report from Us Weekly, tens of thousands of them have now unfollowed Kim on social media.

In fact, the outlet claims that Kim has lost an astonishing 120,000 followers since the release of Taylor’s album.

The situation has gotten so bad that Kardashian fans have taken notice, and they’re begging Kris Jenner to swoop in and work her PR magic.

“Kris, you need to help Kim. Why you being quiet. Work that magic on this TayTay drama, girl,” wrote one fan in her comment section, according to Us Weekly.

“Me just waiting for Kris to spin this Taylor beef into a new Skimms collection or something. Y’all wait,” said another.

Kris ain’t crying, y’all. She’s telling Kim ‘you’re doing great Sweetie’, with this Taylor s-t lol”, added a third.

You Swifties think that Taylor won?” a fourth asked. “She just solidified Kim as a legend by dedicating a whole song to her.”

Perhaps Kim and Kris will indeed be able to turn this negative into a positive. They’ve certainly pulled off that magic trick before.

But then again, neither of them has ever done battle with a force as powerful as an army of angry Swifties!